London Tube Map and Guide App Reviews

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Tube map

Excellent app.

Very helpful

Unfortunately on daily basis

Great App!

This is a wonderful app for getting around Londons tube system. We used it on my iPod to get around on the tube during a two week vacation in the city. The route finder function which is still in beta works very well but is not quite perfect. The best thing about the app is that it does not require a network connection so it works well even when underground.

Worth the money

I tried two other Tube guides during our stay in London. This was the best. Provided several options for each route. And as long as I was tapped into the Internet via wifi, I received current service updates.

Tube-ing in London

A great app comes in really handy even if you live in London as I do. Trying to find a new location to live but the main concern is traveling to work? Well this app will be invaluable. Time to throw away that paper tattered and torn map that the nice man at the station gave you an step into technology.

Tube Map

Very nice app, easy to use and very convenient.

Great travel aid

We are on holiday from the US and found this a great assist in finding our way around London!


As "simple" as useful. Simple amazing worth to have it.

Worth it

Im surprised this doesnt have more reviews. This is the best tube map app for London!


This is a functional, helpful, and easy to use app

Tibe Guide

Its every Penny.

Great help to visitors

Very useful for trip planning when in London.


Great way to check tube status and plan your journey.

A must have for London!

Just returned from a week in London and used the Tube each day. This app would have saved a lot of confusion had we had it while in London. No worries next time.

Pretty useful

Best option in the market

Very handy

Must have for a tourist on the tube

Travel lady

So simple to use. Wonderful to locate tube stops and see streets nearby. You will travel through London with ease.

Great app!

Love it! Great for locals and for tourists. Easy to use.

Great ap!!!

Im a frequent tourist so it is helpful to have the Tube map right in my pocket. The ap has worked well.

Very good

Useful and convenient, especially for learning about delays and travel times. Needs to have many more museums and theaters listed to be a great app. Definitely worth it.

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